The Best Niagara Wines to Try This Winter

Jackson-Triggs Proprietors Reserve Vidal Ice Wine
Enjoy Jackson-Triggs Proprietors Reserve Vidal Ice Wine

Many of the finest VQA wines (wines made from 100% Ontario-grown grapes) are produced by wineries in the Niagara Region and served in top local restaurants to compliment seasonal cuisine. If you’re looking to experience some incredible VQA wines this winter but aren’t sure where to start, try any of these sparkling, rosé, white, and red varieties, which are all available on the Rainbow Room’s current wine list.


Jackson-Triggs Grand Reserve Entourage 2012
This bubbly Brut from Jackson-Triggs Winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake is hand-crafted in the Methode Classique, a time honoured way in which sparkling wine is produced. Once the wine undergoes fermentation in the barrel it undergoes additional two-year fermentation in the bottle, in a process known as “en tirage”. The Grand Reserve Entourage 2012 features creamy flavours of lemon and green apple along with a crisp finish, making it the perfect sparkling wine to sip and share this winter.


13th Street Pink Palette Rosé 2013
13th Street Winery in St. Catharines produces a Pink Palette Rosé that offers a fruity and easy-going taste and works as a wonderful pairing to foods like grilled vegetables and fish. It’s crafted from Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grape varieties, forming a wonderful foundation for a fresh and vibrant drinking experience.

Ice Wine

Jackson-Triggs Proprietors Reserve Vidal Ice Wine

Niagara’s world-famous ice wine is produced from grapes that have been frozen while still on the vine, resulting in sweet and luscious dessert wines. The Proprietors Reserve Vidal Ice Wine from Jackson-Triggs Winery is a delicious variety packed with flavour and featuring delicious notes of apricot and peach. It’s a wine that will warm you up this winter and give you the best taste of Niagara’s beloved liquid gold.


Tawse Riesling 2014 “Limestone Ridge”

Tawse Winery is situated on the lower slopes of the Niagara Escarpment where there’s an abundance of dolomitic limestone, inspiring the name for this 2014 Riesling. It’s a complex white wine crafted from hand-harvested grapes and featuring aromas of green apple, lime, and pear, leading to a lively finish.


Creekside Estate 2013 Syrah

Featuring one of the oldest and largest underground barrel cellars in Niagara, Creekside Estate Winery in Jordan produces a range of impressive VQA wines. The Creekside Estate 2013 Syrah is a full-bodied and smooth red wine that features blackberry and plum aromas, black pepper notes, and delicious fruit flavours, making it a great choice for winter wine tasting.

Niagara Culinary Experiences Series is Back at the Rainbow Room

Niagara Culinary Experiences with Chef Massimo Capra

The Niagara Culinary Experiences Series is back for another year of amazing dinners featuring world-class cuisine, local and international wines, and breathtaking views of Niagara Falls. This new season of dinner events will be kicking off with A Culinary Tour of Piedmont on October 27th at the Rainbow Room by Massimo Capra, which will feature five courses of rich and delicious dishes, sophisticated wines from Gigi Rosso winery, and a cocktail reception with wonderful canapes and Prosecco.

Following this event, you can get a taste of what the amazing Italian region of Tuscany has to offer on March 23rd at A Culinary Tour of Tuscany with Massimo Capra. Tuscany is known for its art, culture, food, and wine, and the spirit of this Italian region will be brought to the Rainbow Room’s beautiful Fallsview dining room for a truly unforgettable evening. With wines from Antinori Winery and five courses of food that celebrate flavour and simplicity, this will be a culinary journey you won’t want to miss out on.

The Rainbow Room’s final culinary event is A Culinary Tour of Veneto on May 11th, which is also the last dinner event in the Niagara Culinary Experiences series. Italy’s Veneto region has a celebrated and long-standing culinary tradition and Chef Massimo Capra will be showcasing the best food and ingredients that it has to offer, along with amazing wines from Fumanelli winery.

Visit to book your Dinner-Only or Dinner & Hotel packages today, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable culinary journey to some of Italy’s finest regions, while taking in the breathtaking beauty of Niagara Falls.

A Bite of Italy in Niagara

Italian cuisine is an ancient and cultivated style of cooking that’s often associated with high-quality ingredients, simplicity, and refined techniques. The regional varieties make it a versatile cuisine, and at the Rainbow Room we honour the Italian tradition by offering innovative and delicious varieties of classic dishes and ingredients.

The seasonal menu is currently showcasing a number of wonderful Bites of Italy like local ricotta and crustini, which is the perfect start to a Fallsview meal. Ricotta cheese is a staple of Italian cooking and made from the goat, sheep, cow or water buffalo milk whey that’s left over after cheese production. Ricotta doesn’t need to be aged and its production dates all the way back to the Bronze Age. You can enjoy ricotta cheese in a variety of ways and it’s commonly used in Italian desserts like cheesecake and cannoli. It’s also used in savoury pasta, pizza, calzone, and lasagna dishes.

Another Bite of Italy experience at the Rainbow Room is ravioli served with Niagara peach and ghost pepper which mixes local ingredients with international tastes. Ravioli are a dumpling-like food that are composed of different fillings based on the region in which they’re being made. Popular fillings for ravioli include ricotta cheese, spinach and black pepper when prepared in Rome, and ricotta cheese and grated lemon rind in the Sardinia region of the country.

And lastly, you can get a bite of prosciutto served with flatbread, roasted garlic, arugula, grape tomato, and grana padano. Prosciutto is a delicious dry-cured ham, with a number of regional varieties. It’s a staple of Italian antipasti dishes and is must-eat at the Rainbow Room.

Rainbow Room Wins 2017 Certificate of Excellence

Trip Advisor 2017 Certificate of Excellence

The Rainbow Room by Massimo Capra has just been awarded a 2017 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence, which is given out annually to restaurants, accommodations, and attractions that consistently receive great reviews from TripAdvisor travelers. A trip to Niagara Falls can be a spectacular getaway, and here at the Rainbow Room by Massimo Capra we love providing each of our guests with outstanding Fallsview dining experiences.

Our seasonal menu currently features innovative and modern Italian dishes like Crispy Goat Cheese Ravioli with Niagara peach and ghost pepper, Milli-Strato Lasagna made with 87 layers of hand-rolled pasta, Linguine Carbonara with smoked chicken, bacon, and zucchini ribbons, and Maple Mustard Crusted Ontario Lamb Rack with goat cheese and yukon gold gratin. And you can pair any of these dishes with incredible wines from our extensive wine list, which showcases reds and whites from local Niagara and international wineries.

So stop by the Rainbow Room for a delicious dinner in direct view of the thundering Niagara Falls and see for yourself what makes us a favourite amongst millions of TripAdvisor travelers from around the world.

Niagara’s Summer Harvest: The Season’s Best Fruits & Vegetables

Peaches in a basketHere at The Rainbow Room, we pride ourselves on creating innovative and modern Italian dishes using the fresh and versatile ingredients that each season in Niagara brings. And now that summer is officially here, there’s a wide variety of delicious fruits and vegetables coming into season, including raspberries, cucumbers, beans, and tomatoes, just to name a few.

What other fruits and vegetables can you look forward to finding this summer in Niagara? In the way of fruits, you can expect to find strawberries, plums, blueberries, cherries, and famous Ontario peaches. And for vegetables, expect to see a lot of lettuce, broccoli, peas, radishes, asparagus, cauliflower, beans, and cabbage. In fact, on the Rainbow Room’s dinner menu you can find a fresh and delicious Five Green Beans side salad and Crispy Goat Cheese Ravioli made with an incredible Niagara Peach and ghost pepper jelly.

You can also find fresh fruits and vegetables at a number of local supermarkets, farmers markets, restaurants, farms, and festivals throughout the region, making it easy to get your hands on delicious locally-grown produce. To find some of the very best Niagara peaches, make sure to stop by Niagara-on-the-Lake’s annual Peach Festival on August 12th where you’ll find incredible peachy food items from local bakeries and restaurants, local growers selling their juicy peaches, live entertainment, and much more.

Ramps in a bowlAnother great way to experience Niagara’s summer fruits and vegetables is by visiting a pick-your-own farm or orchard like Parkway Orchards in Niagara-on-the-Lake where you can pick your own cherries and peaches right from the trees. And the Niagara Region also has a number of great farmers markets that you can visit to pick up fruits, vegetables, homemade jams, honey, dairy products, and more. The St. Catharines Farmers Market is located downtown in Market Square and is open Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, while the Niagara Falls Farmers Market is located behind the Niagara Falls History Museum and is open on Saturday mornings.

There’s no shortage of ways to find and taste the fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables that summer brings in Niagara. Whether you visit our restaurant to try the seasonal menu, stop by a farm to pick your own fruit, or go to a farmers market to shop around for some produce, you are guaranteed to find a variety of wonderful fruits and vegetables that will give you a true taste of Niagara and add a little freshness to your summer.

Amazing Massimo Capra Dining Experiences You Won’t Want to Miss

Massimo Capra’s dedication to creating world-class Italian cuisine extends beyond the Rainbow Room by Massimo Capra’s Fallsview dining room in Niagara Falls and reaches as far as Doha, Qatar. With multiple restaurants and a number of ambitious culinary ventures on the go, his unique flair and delicious Italian recipes can be found and enjoyed at the following restaurant locations:

Boccone Trattoria

Located in Mississauga, Ontario inside Terminal 1 of the Toronto Pearson International Airport, Boccone Trattoria offers visitors fresh Italian cuisine that includes antipasti, minestre, pasta, pizza, panini, and more. A grab-and-go version of this restaurant called Boccone Pronto is also located in Terminal 1 where visitors can find and take away delicious Italian food and freshly brewed coffee.


Soprafino is Massimo Capra’s ambitious international venture located in Doha, Qatar at the Hamad International Airport. This “al fresco” style restaurant offers visitors a menu featuring signature Massimo Capra dishes such as minestrone soup, risotto, and tiramisu, along with a bright open-air atmosphere for a contemporary and unique dining experience.

Capra’s Kitchen

Serving lunch and dinner everyday along with weekend brunch, Capra’s Kitchen in Mississauga, Ontario is a casual restaurant that offers modern Italian fare like pasta, pizza, and antipasto. The high-quality ingredients are sourced locally whenever possible and every dish makes for a delicious and satisfying dining experience.

Rainbow Room by Massimo Capra

Located across the street from the thundering waters of Niagara Falls and featuring a spectacular Fallsview dining room, the Rainbow Room by Massimo Capra offers an extensive seasonal menu and remarkable wine list that showcases the very best that Niagara has to offer. The current menu features dishes like Milli-Strato Lasagna, Fettucine Bolognese, and Maple Mustard Crusted Ontario Lamb Rack, and is sure to provide visitors with a delicious and one-of-a-kind Italian meal.

Exploring Some Spectacular Staples of Italian Cooking

Italy have given us some of the finest food and wine in the world and has been influencing the way people cook and eat for many centuries. Italian cuisine is known for its simplicity in ingredients, which results in incredible flavour and taste, and is also noted for its diversity based on region. These regions have given us a wide range of staple ingredients and foods that are now beloved around the world and we’re exploring and celebrating some of our favourites:

Olive Oil – This staple of Mediterranean cuisine is produced by pressing whole olives and is widely used in salad dressings and as a cooking oil. In Italy, it is produced on a large scale in Florence and Tuscany, however the largest production happens in Apulia and Calabria. Olive oil is a core component of Italian cuisine, but has also become popular for its alternative uses like as a home skincare remedy and a base for homemade soaps.

Balsamic Vinegar – Balsamic vinegar is an Italian vinegar that has been produced since the Middle Ages in both the Modena and Emilia Romagna regions of the country. Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is an inexpensive imitation of traditional balsamic vinegar and is the version that is commonly used in salad dressings and cooking. Traditional balsamic vinegar however is created from pressed Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes, with the resulting syrup being aged for a minimum of 12 years in wooden casks.

Parmesan Cheese – Also known as Parmigiano-Reggiano, Parmesan cheese is a hard cheese that is very popular in Italian cuisine and named after the areas in which it is produced – Parma and Reggio Emilia. It is also produced in other places such as Bologna and Modena and is made primarily from unpasteurized cow’s milk. Parmesan cheese is incorporated into Italian cooking in a variety of ways, some of the most common being grated on top of pasta and stirred into risottos.

Pesto – This famous sauce comes from Genoa, Italy and is most commonly made from a combination of basil, crushed garlic, salt, European pine nuts, Parmesan cheese, and pecorino sardo which has all been blended together with olive oil. Pesto is often enjoyed on top of pasta and is also used in some types of minestrone.

Get a taste for some of the most innovative and delicious Italian cuisine that Niagara Falls has to offer by reserving a table at the Rainbow Room by Massimo Capra today. It’s an unforgettable Fallsview dining experience that’s unlike anywhere else.

Upcoming Spring Culinary Tours with Chef Massimo Capra

Following the upcoming Culinary Tour of California on March 3rd, Chef Massimo Capra and Chef John Casciato will be hosting the final two Niagara Culinary Experiences dinner events as part of the 2016/2017 series.

This spring, Chef Massimo Capra and Chef John Casciato will be celebrating the neighbouring Italian regions of Marche and Emilia Romagna with A Culinary Tour of Marche on April 7, 2017 and A Culinary Tour of Emilia Romagna on May 12, 2017. These two dinner events will be spectacular evenings full of amazing food and wine that will connect you with authentic Italian dining experiences right here in Niagara Falls.

A Culinary Tour of Marche will showcase the cuisine of a coastal region that’s abundant in seafood and offers beloved dishes like Minestra di Lumachelle, a soup made with egg pasta, and Muscioli Arrosto, which are stuffed and roasted mussels. Marche is also a well-established wine-growing region that will celebrated with wine pairings from Garofoli Winery, which has been producing quality wines like Rosso Cònero and Rosso Piceno for five generations.

Bordering Marche to the north is the beautiful Emilia Romagna, which is the final Italian region to be explored and celebrated by Chef Massimo Capra as part of the 2016/2017 Niagara Culinary Experiences series. Emilia Romagna’s capital city is Bologna, which has brought us notable pasta dishes like tortellini and lasagna, and as a region has given us countless classic Italian dishes and ingredients such as polenta, balsamic vinegar, and Parmesan cheese. Emilia Romagna is also known for remarkable wines such as the red and bubbly Lambrusco wine and the white Albana di Romagna.

Experience two of the city’s finest spring culinary events by visiting to reserve your Dinner Only or Hotel Package tickets. Both evenings will feature delicious five-course menus, a mix and mingle with Chef Massimo Capra and Chef John Casciato, a standing cocktail reception, and spectacular views of the thundering Niagara Falls from the Rainbow Room’s floor-to-ceiling windows.

20 Delicious Dishes from the 20 Regions of Italy

Italy is divided into 20 beautiful regions that each offer a unique cuisine worthy of exploration and celebration. So here is a list of some of the finest and most popular dishes from each of Italy’s 20 regions:


Located in Southern Italy and known as the “greenest region in Europe”, Abruzzo offers a delicious dish called “gnello casc e ove” which is lamb stuffed with eggs and cheese.

Aosta Valley

Bordered by both France and Switzerland, Aosta Valley is a mountainous region that brings us a dish called Carbonnade consisting of salt-cured beef served with polenta.


Apulia is sometimes identified as the heel of the boot of Italy and has a wonderful traditional pasta dish called “Orecchiette alle cime di rapa” – an ear-like pasta prepared with rapini.


Featuring two coastlines, one on the Tyrrhenian Sea and the other on the Gulf of Taranto, seafood is a major part of Basilicata’s cuisine, which features fish dishes like “Baccala alla lucana”, which is cod with crunchy red peppers.


Calabria is the toe of the boot of Italy and has a cuisine that is Mediterranean-inspired and features a range of meat-based, vegetable, and fish dishes. A popular seafood dish from Calabria is “Pesce spada alla ghiotta”, which is swordfish rolls served in tomato sauce.


The region of Campania used to be known by the Romans as “Campania Felix”, which means “fertile countryside” and is the most densely populated region in Italy. Some famous dishes from Campania are Insalata Caprese, which is a Mozzarella and tomato salad, and Parmigiana, which is pran fried eggplant slices layered in cheese and tomato sauce and oven baked.  


Emilia-Romagna is an important cultural and educational hub – home to the world’s oldest university – and has a unique cuisine that has brought us classic Italian dishes like Cannelloni, Lasagne, and Mortadella, a sweet and aromatic pork sausage that originated in Bologna.

Friuli Venezia Giulia

The most north-eastern region in Italy, Friuli Venezia Giulia’s cuisine features Prosciutto di San Daniele, which is a famous ham that is exported and enjoyed all around the world.


Home to the country’s capital, which is also the largest city in Italy, the Lazio region offers “spaghetti alla carbonara”, which is spaghetti prepared with guanciale, pecorino and eggs.


Seafood comprises a large part of Liguria’s cuisine, however pesto is arguably the region’s most famous culinary contribution. Pesto is a popular green sauce made from basil leaves, sliced garlic, pine nuts, olive oil, and parmigiano cheese.


Lombardy brings us a number of delicious Italian dessert dishes including Panettone, which is a sweet tasting Milanese Christmas bread made with candied citrus peels and raisins, and Torrone – a candy made from sugar, egg whites, honey, and toasted almonds.


The hilly and mountainous Marche offers unique dishes like “Olive all’ascolana”, which is fried stoned olives that have been stuffed with Parmesan cheese and pork, chicken, or beef.


Molise is Italy’s youngest region and features a cuisine very similar to that of Abruzzo. “Pasta e fagioli” is a famous dish from Molise, which is a pasta and white bean soup cooked with pork rinds and pig’s feet.


Surrounded by the Alps on three of its sides, Piedmont is Italy’s second largest region and brings us Panna cotta, a dessert consisting of sweetened cream set with gelatin.


Located just south of the French island of Corsica, Sardinia offers a warm and hearty dish called Panada, which is a type of bread soup with added eggs, beef broth and cheese.


Sicily is a cultural centre for music, literature, art, and cuisine and is home to classic dishes like Arancini, which are stuffed and fried rice balls, and Cannoli, which is a shell-shaped pastry filled with sweet ricotta cheese.

Trentino-South Tyrol

Trentino-South Tyrol used to be a part of Austria-Hungary and this influence is still evident in the region’s cuisine, which features a popular dumping dish called Canederli or Knodel.


The region of Tuscany is known for its simplistic cuisine and high-quality wine, with a popular dish being Ribollita – a twice-cooked vegetable soup, and arguably the most popular regional wine being Chianti.


Possessing neither a border with other European countries or a coastline, Umbria offers “Lenticchie di Castelluccio con salsicce”, which is a lentil stew prepared with sausages.


Veneto is home to some of the most recognizable dishes in Italian cuisine such as Risi e bisi and tiramisu, along with world-famous wine such as Prosecco.

Get a Taste of California Right Here in Niagara Falls

Some of the world’s finest vineyards and wineries are nestled among the rolling hills of California’s famous Napa Valley wine region, which is an incredible place worthy of celebration right here in Niagara Falls.

This March, A Culinary Tour of California dinner event at the Rainbow Room by Massimo Capra will transport guests to beautiful California with an evening full of delicious west coast-inspired dishes paired with wines from Napa Valley’s very own Robert Mondavi Winery. The five-course dinner menu features dishes like Foie Gras Torchon, Big Eye Tuna Crudo made with California grapefruit, California Walnut Ravioli, and an assortment of delectable bite-size desserts.

Chef Massimo Capra and Executive Chef John Casciato’s innovative Pacific Coast-inspired dishes will be expertly paired with wines like Robert Mondavi’s famous Fumé Blanc, which is both rich and refreshingly crisp, and Moscato d’Oro, which offers incredible peach and lychee fruit aromas.

Book your tickets now to join us on March 3rd for this Niagara Culinary Experiences dinner event, which will be an unforgettable dining experience where you can discover the magic of California’s Napa Valley in direct view of the magnificent Niagara Falls.