A Bite of Italy in Niagara

Italian cuisine is an ancient and cultivated style of cooking that’s often associated with high-quality ingredients, simplicity, and refined techniques. The regional varieties make it a versatile cuisine, and at the Rainbow Room we honour the Italian tradition by offering innovative and delicious varieties of classic dishes and ingredients.

The seasonal menu is currently showcasing a number of wonderful Bites of Italy like local ricotta and crustini, which is the perfect start to a Fallsview meal. Ricotta cheese is a staple of Italian cooking and made from the goat, sheep, cow or water buffalo milk whey that’s left over after cheese production. Ricotta doesn’t need to be aged and its production dates all the way back to the Bronze Age. You can enjoy ricotta cheese in a variety of ways and it’s commonly used in Italian desserts like cheesecake and cannoli. It’s also used in savoury pasta, pizza, calzone, and lasagna dishes.

Another Bite of Italy experience at the Rainbow Room is ravioli served with Niagara peach and ghost pepper which mixes local ingredients with international tastes. Ravioli are a dumpling-like food that are composed of different fillings based on the region in which they’re being made. Popular fillings for ravioli include ricotta cheese, spinach and black pepper when prepared in Rome, and ricotta cheese and grated lemon rind in the Sardinia region of the country.

And lastly, you can get a bite of prosciutto served with flatbread, roasted garlic, arugula, grape tomato, and grana padano. Prosciutto is a delicious dry-cured ham, with a number of regional varieties. It’s a staple of Italian antipasti dishes and is must-eat at the Rainbow Room.