Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at the Rainbow Room

RainbowRoom_4Make sure to leave plenty of room for dessert when visiting the Rainbow Room by Massimo Capra’s spectacular Fallsview dining room as the menu features a selection of delicious dishes that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. From bread pudding to crème brûlée, here are some of the amazing desserts you can expect to choose from:

Molten Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding– The Rainbow Room’s spin on this classic dessert dish features an incredible liquid chocolate centre, vanilla gelato, and dulce de leche, which literally means “candy made of milk”.

Espresso Crème Brûlée– The Rainbow Room’s chefs take the rich custard and hard caramel found in crème brûlée and add white chocolate and espresso scented budino along with chocolate covered espresso beans to make this dessert into a chocolate lover’s dream.

Toffee Apple Semi-Freddo– “Semifreddo” literally translates from Italian as “half frozen” and this spin on the amazing gelato-based dessert features crumbled hazelnut and chocolate bark to make something entirely sweet and new.

These desserts and more are currently being served at the Rainbow Room by Massimo Capra, so satisfy your sweet tooth  by heading to the Rainbow Room’s beautiful Fallsview dining room for an unforgettable dinner and dessert experience.