Bolognese is Best

RR_Bolognese_HorizontalBologna is a beautiful and historic city in Northern Italy that’s home to remarkable architecture, world-class art, and impressive cultural institutions. It’s also the place where the famous and delicious Bolognese sauce originated.

The original Bolognese sauce recipe dates back to the mid nineteenth century and is attributed to a man named Pellegrino Artusi who wrote a cookbook called “The Science of Cooking and the Art of Fine Dining”. Artusi’s original recipe consisted of veal filet, pancetta, butter, onion, and carrot cooked with broth, but the recipe has evolved to include different variations of meat and vegetables throughout the years.

Fettuccine Bolognese is one of the signature dishes at the Rainbow Room by Massimo Capra and features a delicious combination of veal, beef, and sausage. The suggested wine pairing is the 13th Street 2012 Merlot, which is a rich vintage red wine with hints of red cherry and black plums. Stop by the Rainbow Room today to taste this traditional Italian recipe and discover why it has become a favourite dish for food-lovers all around the world.