5 Refreshing Custom Cocktails for Summer

drink2Sitting down with a refreshing cocktail is one of the best ways to cool off after a day spent in the summer sun. After taking in all of the beautiful sights of Niagara Falls, a stop at the Rainbow Room by Massimo Capra is the perfect way to relax and unwind with amazing food and drinks in a Fallsview setting. Here is a list of five of the Rainbow Room by Massimo Capra’s most refreshing and popular cocktails, which are perfect for summer sipping:

The Capra
Created in honour of Massimo, this blend of vodka, dry vermouth, juniper and mandarin juice is refreshing and unique.

Marilyn Monroe
In honour of perhaps the Rainbow Room’s most famous guest we have added her signature drink to the menu. We think this cocktail of sparkling wine, Calvados and a dash of our house made grenadine would have made the famous blonde very happy.

Our magnificent view requires a cocktail of equal proportion. We combine vodka, Cointreau, lemon and just a touch of ginger beer to bring the Falls to life.

Slowly I Turned
This drink is named for the punch line of Abbott and Costello’s iconic “Niagara Falls” sketch. The drink is in honour of Chef Massimo Capra’s father who introduced him to fresh grapefruit sprinkled with brown sugar (his favourite breakfast) and Abbott and Costello. This mix of vodka, Cointreau, fresh grapefruit, brown sugar and grapefruit bitters is refreshing and delicious.

Aperol Spritz
The most popular summer cocktail in Italy combines Aperol, sparkling wine and soda, and is an excellent summer refresher.