The Best Bakeries in Niagara Falls

image0011-300x242A good bakery is one of the surest proofs a town is civilized, whether that bakery specializes in donuts, croissants, or Portuguese Sweet Bread. When it comes to finding a good bakery in Niagara Falls, visitors and locals have a healthy handful of excellent options from which to choose — a reality that suggests Niagara is even more civilized than previously thought. From Italian bread to gourmet cakes, here are some of the best bakeries in Niagara Falls to check out while enjoying a vacation here.

1. Criveller Cakes

Known as the Chocolate Craft Store, Criveller Cakes makes some of the finest pastries, cakes, and chocolates in all of Ontario. When it opened in 1979, it was known primarily as a wedding cake spot, and while that’s still true today, their wedding offerings have greatly expanded. Liquor-filled chocolates, icewine truffles, chocolate-dipped strawberries, and many other confectionary wonders routinely come out of this excellent bakery’s kitchen. As a humble visitor just off the street, you’ll find plenty of handmade treats to enjoy, including: cookies, truffles, scores of pastries, gourmet mini cakes, and much, much more.

2. Portage Bakery

Rumored to be the busiest bakery in Niagara Falls, Portage Bakery is much more than a place to get bread — although it does that remarkably well. Fresh, perfect loaves and delectable pastries are on hand for purchase, and they’re shipped as far away as Ohio and Pennsylvania. Portage also boasts an excellent deli with plenty of cheeses and house-made ready-to-eat meals that include pastas, meatballs, and house subs. Family-owned and operated by the Barone’s since 1934, Portage Bakery is a must for anyone spending some time in Niagara.

3. Moodie’s Bakery

image003Cakes, cookies, breads, chocolates, and pastries are all delicious and readily available at Moodie’s, another family-owned and operated bakery that’s been in business since 2008. Noted for their fern tarts and meat pies, the bakery is located down on Queen Street, and it opens each morning (except Sunday when they’re closed) at 8:30 a.m. Try them for lunch, too. They have hot, fresh pizza slices available starting each day at 11 a.m.

4. Thorowest Bakery

Thorowest Bakery is an Italian bakery family-owned and operated — like so many of the local businesses in Niagara Falls. Utilizing Old World-style baking techniques, the bakery makes exceptional paninis, rolls, breads, and a number of traditional Italian desserts and pastries. They also have a deli and a hot lunch menu that includes such fare as lasagna and veal parmesan. They’re open seven days a week at 8 a.m.

5. Pure Cake Design

A true event-specific cake bakery, Pure Cake Design is the brainchild of Mark Gerbrandt, a pastry chef who specializes in gourmet and artisan cakes. From classic wedding cakes to unique and one-of-a-kind three-dimensional cakes, whether you’re in the Niagara area to celebrate a birthday, job promotion, engagement, or anniversary, if you need a cake specific to your celebration, try Pure Cake Design.

Let yourself eat cake. Book a stay in Niagara Falls, and whether you hope to dine on cannoli or baguettes, rest assured that all your dreams of delectable baked goods can come true.