A Transition From The Spring Harvest to Summer Crops At The Rainbow Room

Mossimo Event_66The seasons offer more than just weather changes – delicious fruits and vegetables that Niagara and Ontario farmers are known for begin to make their way into fresh seasonal dishes. Both the spring harvest and the summer crops offer new and exciting additions that we have carefully chosen to add to our menu.

Spring is a season filled with renewal, rejuvenation and growth. The season is perfect for creating new menu items and incorporating spring vegetables and fruits.

For those looking to cook with spring vegetables and fruits, consider using some of these seasonally fresh items in your next dish.

  • Artichokes: The main harvest is in the spring and the second crop comes in the fall.
  • Asparagus: Harvested from March through June.
  • Beets: In season during spring and fall.
  • Fennel: Fall through early spring marks the natural season for this vegetable.
  • Fiddleheads: A great item to cook with that is popular in early spring and throughout the summer.
  • Mint: Begins to bloom in spring.

From spring we have summer offering the warmest climate, the longest days and shortest evenings. The summer calls for lighter meals filled with multitudes of different colours.

Use these fruits and vegetables when cooking during the summer to add new summer flavours to your meal.

Parsley: This herb is at its best during the summer.

  • Strawberries: Peak season for this favourite is during the end of June.
  • Apples: Come into season late summer and early fall.
  • Chard: Perfect during the summer and fall seasons.
  • Cucumbers: At their freshest during the summer months.
  • Figs: Catch these quickly because they are only around during the summer.

If you want to taste some of these for yourself without having to do any of the cooking, check out our summer menu and plan a trip to the Rainbow Room by Massimo Capra this season.