An Inside Look at Bellinis At The Rainbow Room by Massimo Capra

Mossimo Event_22Everything has a history and you might be surprised to know that the history of Bellini’s reaches back to 1948. The popular cocktail can be found on our menu, and is one of our favourites. Massimo’s philosophy of uncompromising attention to detail and fresh ingredients has made our Bellini a perfect beginning or cap to your meal.

A classic Italian cocktail, the Bellini traditionally contains pureed peaches and Prosecco served in a champagne flute. The drink was invented in 1948 by Giuseppe Cipriani, founder of Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy. When it was created it was often difficult to find white peaches in season so a hint of cherry or raspberry juice was added to the drink to give it the signature faint pink colour.

After gaining popularity in Italy the drink made its way to the other side of the ocean to New York.

During its rising popularity it was becoming hard to find the fresh white peach puree found in the delicious drink so eventually people began to take matters into their own hands. Fresh white peach puree was processed in New York and eventually shipped to cocktail makers looking for the best cocktail base for their Bellini.

The International Bartenders Association put the Bellini as an Official Cocktail under its Contemporary Classics category. What started out as an experiment in Italy turned to be a world-wide classic in no time due to its delicious and fruity taste.

Perfect with poultry or vegetable pasta, this drink will be a great start to your meal at Rainbow Room.