Rainbow Room – Meet Massimo Capra

Falls-view from Rainbow Room by Massimo Capra
Falls-view from Rainbow Room by Massimo Capra

If you have ever wondered about the man behind the prestigious Rainbow Room then meet the chef himself, Mr. Capra.

Chef Massimo Capra is a famous restaurateur, author and television personality who has been involved in the culinary scene for over 25 years. Introduced to the kitchen in his early teens he quickly became fascinated by the culinary arts. Taking his passion to a whole new level, Massimo moved to Italy to spend his time in restaurants and hotels to further hone his skills.

After his stint in Italy, Massimo made his way to Toronto where he established himself as a chef. Beginning his career in a small eatery in Toronto owned by a relative he was able to grow and create a name for himself. With more experience under his belt he was able to successfully open Byzantium and Black and Blue Restaurant.

Currently Massimo is the Chef/Co-owner of Mistura and Sopra, in downtown Toronto and Boccone Trattoria Veloce and Boccone Pronto at Pearson International Airport. As a recognized chef, Massimo has appeared as an expert guest on “Cityline,” The Globe and Mail and Restaurant Makeover on Food Network Canada.

With his extensive background in the trade, Massimo has been able to learn all the techniques and secrets to establishing himself as one of Canada’s most well known chefs. His fresh perspective has allowed him to fashion a delicious yet unique menu for The Rainbow Room.