Rainbow Room by Massimo Capra – Niagara Greens at “Victory Farms”

victoryorganicThe Rainbow Room by Massimo Capra prides itself on providing hand-crafted meals using the finest local ingredients. As supporters of the Niagara Region and local initiatives we have made this a core belief of our restaurant.

One of our most popular appetizers, the Niagara Greens “Victory Farm” includes locally farmed organic baby greens, crisp root vegetable “fieno,” toasted pumpkin seeds, fresh squeezed lemon and white truffle oil. A delicious, light salad created with local ingredients that has not only allowed us to offer something different for guests but also support a local business in Niagara.

Victory Organic, located in nearby St. Catharines, offers diverse produce options, grown in the greenbelt of Niagara. A small farm that grows salad greens inside of their very own greenhouse produces local greens year-round for the Niagara Region. Without the use of pesticides or animal manure, the products are clean and safe to eat, making them certified organic.

So why organic? Considering the health of our families, going organic avoids the consumption of chemicals and allows you to receive all of the nutrients from healthy and vibrant plants. No toxic chemicals are found in their greenhouse which means they are Certified Organic from Pro-Cert Canada.