That’s Amore! A Venetian Evening With Massimo Capra and Marchesi Armando Fumanelli

RR_FacebookHeaderOn his second stop of his Italian Culinary Tour, Massimo Capra will be bringing Venice to the Falls Avenue Resort with “That’s Amore!” – a culinary evening not to be missed. The six-course dinner will be prepared by Capra using the Niagara Region’s finest ingredients to create a unique international taste.

The Culinary Series allows guests to enjoy a handcrafted menu by Capra himself, a standing cocktail reception and a chance to mix and mingle with the chef and other special guests.

As a rare treat for the Niagara Region, the “That’s Amore!” evening will include a visit by special guest Marchesi Armando Fumanelli of Fumanelli Wines. Fumanelli wines has been cultivating vineyards and creating esteemed wines since 1470. With The Squarno Estate located in the heart of Valpolicella in Italy, it is surrounded by vineyards, cherry and cypress trees – the perfect location to create world-class varietals.

With a restoration project in 1998, the ancient cellars were once again able to host the oak barrels that were famous for their classical Valpolicella wines. The Fumanelli wines, aged in oak barrels contain the fragrances of their local cypress and cherry trees and embody the colours of Italy’s wine culture.

Fumanelli wines are produced through the exclusive grapes that grow on the Squarno Estate, after being carefully hand selected during the harvest. The ageing takes place in 17th century tuff stone wine cellars and wine making is supported by traditional techniques passed down through the family. The Squarno Estate, a part of the Fumanelli family for centuries, has allowed the winemakers to perfect the best practices for producing prestigious wine.

Dinner and wine pairing tickets are available, as is a hotel package that features accommodations, dinner and wine pairings. With this rare opportunity and visit by Marchesi Armando Fumanelli, you will not want to miss out on this once in a life time evening.

The Rainbow Room by Massimo Capra