Warm Phyllo Cheesecake is a definite must

PhylloCheesecakeThe Warm Phyllo Cheesecake is a definite must on the new dessert menu that has been recently launched at The Rainbow Room by Massimo Capra.  This delectable dessert includes Wild blueberry sauce, caramelized apples and crème anglaise. Allow Executive Chef John Casciato prepare this wonderful dessert for you, Buon Appetite.

New Dessert Menu is Here

TiramasuThe dessert menu at the Rainbow Room by Massimo Capra has recently been freshened up by Executive Chef John Casciato. A favourite of most is the Tiramisu. Consisting of creamy Mascarpone with a hint of espresso smoothed over ladyfingers topped with coco powder and fresh raspberry. Come and try this remarkable dessert for yourself, Buon Appetito.